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We selected three projects to get inspired from to create the living of your dreams, where the wood has the main role.
Check out how three styles found home:


Rustic chic

"antique oak and teak
for a warm and refined renovation."





“...We have chosen antique oak and teak for a warm and refined renovation.”

says Architect Musu, who has worked on this project in Belluno.

Antique oak planks reclaimed from an old house in the Po Valley, covering the flooring of this elegant house, located in the heart of Belluno province, play a role of protagonist.
The customer has a refined taste and he pays attention to the eco-friendly materials. According to the architect idea, oak and teak were chosen, which cover the surfaces of the house in a completely harmonious way, both from a chromatic and technical point of view.
The matching of elegant furnishing and rustic elements, such as brick pillars and beams, makes the ambience balanced and sophisticated. A meditated combination, dictated by creativity and good taste.

Structure: plank flooring
Essence: antique oak and teak
Treatment: smooth
Finishing: wax



"Equilibrium, coherence and that magical old taste
that only wood can convey."




Patterned floor in old elm reclaimed from an antique Mantuan sawmill. Baroque composition draws inspiration from the typical realizations of historical buildings, giving a touch of dynamism to the entire space. In this beautiful Venetian Villa, the customer chose personally the wood specie and followed the design and mode of laying suggested by MF Design, two important elements to be taken into account to reach a high aesthetic result and give value to details.
Flooring is finished with flavored wax according to the customer taste, in this case amber flavor has been chosen. MF Design usually supply maintenance products to clean and preserve the floors, wax can be the same flavor of the finishing one.
A style that evokes the past, but it can mix traditional elements and a constant search for new perspectives.

Structure: patterned flooring
Essence: old elm
Treatment: smooth
Finishing: wax


"Minimal, emotional, charming,
the ultimate wood form."




Flooring in new oak, pickled and oil finished. It is composed by planks with different dimensions and it covers the greatest part of the surfaces.
Rooms wide spaces are space defined by elements of design and the total white chair in the middle of the living room becomes the protagonist of relax area.
White lacquered coverings and ceilings contrast dark flooring but they balance the brightness of the interiors.
The combination of different materials, colors and design give dynamism to the environments and leave nothing to chance.
The mix of elements that coexist within these spaces was studied by the architect Valter Zanchetta, the final result is outstanding and undoubtedly does not go unnoticed.

Structure: plank flooring
Essence: new oak
Treatment: slight brushing
Finishing: oil

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