Combined materials

Combining innovation with creativity.

Elegance and originality: wood joins forces with other materials
The idea of combining the warmth of wood with other materials (terracotta, marble, mother of pearl, steel, brass, hide, leather, etc.) arose from a thorough analysis of the needs of customers who increasingly seek original solutions to enhance their home, hotel, yacht, etc.

Our products and solutions are unique, and are distinguished by remarkable versatility and functionality: different thicknesses and installation methods are specially designed in-house based on specific requirements.

This provides a problem-free finished product and simplifies and shortens installation times. Customers can either choose from our materials or supply their own to use in combination with wood.

Combinations are possible with all new and reclaimed wood species in our range. We use boards consisting of three layers with four tapped, slightly bevelled edges and groove-and-groove joints. Thicknesses start from 20 mm. The standard element is a square measuring minimum 500x500 mm. Finishes available include brushing, planing, sawing, waxing and oiling. Each board undergoes high-pressure vacuum anti-woodworm treatment at 80°C.

Innovazione e creatività ai tuoi piedi

Certificazione CE
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