Patterned floors

We give shape to your imagination.

Patterned floors: tailor-made pieces of art
A simple detail can be a source of inspiration. MF Design is inspired by traditional and historic elements, which are given a new interpretation by the customer and transformed into contemporary patterns by our craftspeople.

A combination of different board sizes and laying directions produces original, unique patterns: panelled, chevron or herringbone, dovetail or inlaid. Traditional elements taken from historic dwellings are our inspiration and the starting point for new, contemporary products: Esedra, for example, results from an artistic combination of old Venetian mooring posts (briccole), cut horizontally and arranged artistically by master woodworkers.

Patterned floors can be made with either reclaimed wood or new wood; for the best technical and aesthetic results, pattern sizes depend on the area involved.

Patterned floors are available in all the reclaimed and new wood species in our range: they consist of boards with four tapped, slightly bevelled edges and groove-and-groove joints. Dimensions are specific to the project and thicknesses are 15 or 20 mm.

Finishings available include brushing, planing, sawing, waxing and oiling. Each board undergoes high-pressure vacuum anti-woodworm treatment at 80°C.

I pavimenti a disegno: forme d'arte ideate "su misura"

Certificazione CE
& made in Italy 100%