Nice forever? Ask to our treatment.

Wood needs care and attention, just like our own skin. MF Design has developed special products for daily cleaning and maintenance that will preserve the natural beauty of wood over time.

A maintenance kit is available on demand including wax wax, detergent and the instruction for their use. These products, specifically made in order to be compatible with our finishing, will clean and nourish the floor day by day.

In order to guarantee an all-around and complete after-sale service, MF Design also supplies a single-brush polishing machine: compact, lightweight manageable. The maintenance will be very easy but accurate. The polishing machine is equipped with interchangeable pads that make it much quicker and easier to spread or polish the wax, especially on large surfaces, facilitating an even, professional finish, leaving no stains or halos.

On demand, it can be provided with different polishing pads suitable for surfaces such as terracotta, stone or marble.

Furthermore, MF Design is at your disposal at any time to give advice or to carry out maintenance operations, routine or extraordinary, on its products. Click here to contact us for more info about the care and maintenance of MF Design products, find out costs and how to order and receive the maintenance kit and single-brush polishing machine.

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