New wood

When beauty has a completely different depth.

New wood floors: a constant quest for excellence
MF Design’s quest for excellence starts with the selection of raw materials: our new wood comes from certified, responsibly managed forests to protect the environment.

An excellent feature of our products is the extra thickness of the solid wood layer, which adds value to the product and makes it possible to radically restore and regenerate the wood, if necessary.

New wood species available
Fir, ash, hornbeam, chestnut, cherry, doussie, larch, mahogany, Italian walnut, American walnut, elm, pear, plane, oak, teak, wenge and zebrano: these are the species mainly used by MF Design. Through surface treatment (hand or machine planing, brushing, sawing, Elité process), finishes (wax or oil) and choice of colours, they take on different looks to meet customers’ requirements.

Our new wood flooring is made of single, three-layer boards with four tapped and slightly bevelled edges and with tongue-and-groove or groove-and-groove joints: widths and lengths may be mixed and matched, and the thicknesses are 11 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm. Each board undergoes high-pressure vacuum anti-woodworm treatment at 80°C.

Il legno nuovo, la bellezza comincia qui

Certificazione CE
& made in Italy 100%