Reclaimed wood

The reclaimed wood, every board has a story to tell.

Ancient wood speaks of its origins. It is the custodian of memories of footsteps over the years: the vigorous steps of people at work, the soft ones of growing infants, the light ones of lovers and the hesitant ones of the aging.

Our old wood flooring is made of single, three-layer boards with four tapped and slightly bevelled edges and groove-and-groove joints; thickness is 15 mm or 20 mm, and widths and lengths can be mixed and matched. Each board undergoes high-pressure vacuum anti-woodworm treatment at 80°C.

With its grain, colour and unique characteristics, old wood evokes memories and arouses emotions in a way that only authentic, high-quality things can.
From mountain valleys to rural settlements, from houses to haylofts and farmhouses, wharfs and boats, Venetian briccole and wine barrels: this is where our quest begins to reclaim the initial splendour of old wood.

Reclaimed wood species available

Fir, acacia, larch, walnut, elm, poplar, oak and teak: these are the species mainly used by MF Design. Through surface treatment (hand or machine planing, brushing, sawing, Elité process), finishes (wax or oil) and choice of colours, they take on different looks to meet customers’ requirements.

Il legno antico, tramanda la storia

Certificazione CE
& made in Italy 100%