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MFDesign is committed to the research and recovery of antique wood in order to discourage massive deforestation, reduce waste, and respond with awareness and responsibility to the sensitive issue of eco-sustainability.

Ancient wood recovered from the briccole of Venice

The ancient wood
from the briccole
of Venice
and from the farmsteads of
our mountains
speaks of history,
respect, uniqueness.

The wood comes from farmsteads, stavoli, barns, country houses, barrels, beams, but also from castles, boats, piers and Venetian briccole (the oak poles used as moorings for boats).

MFDesign recovers, restores and reuses wood, resulting in products that are certified and suitable for green building: floors, boiseries, false ceilings, roof trusses, treated with completely handcrafted workmanship and with organic and non-toxic products. The wood sourced is scrupulously checked, sanitized and used in the production chain, in order to put a noble and historically rich product back into circulation.

Ancient wood
Venice's Briccole
Antique wood tools
Ancient wood
Ancient wooden construction
Antique wood tools

Antique wood and all MFDesign products are perfect for green building constructions as they are in tune with the principles of environmental sustainability.
The products are all FSC and PEFC certified, a mark that testifies they come from controlled deforestation. In addition, the glues used are free of toxic substances (formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol), the waxes used to treat the boards surfaces are completely natural, with customizable scents, obtained from products such as linseed oil, hemp oil, sunflower oil, carnauba wax.
Thus, wood, with life and history imprinted in its very fibers, is the raw material of the careful processes performed by MFDesign's qualified staff. The more the wood is lived in, the more precious it becomes.

Finally, MFDesign provides packaging in line with disposal regulations and environmentally-friendly principles, perfectly sturdy to ensure product protection. Wood packaging is provided in accordance with the European ISPM15 standard only in case of considerable weight and size works, or long-distance transport.


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We encourage an inspirational dialogue with the design world by communicating our vision: zero waste and complete circularity of the manufacturing processes. Discover our creations exclusively now.


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