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New wood flooring: the constant pursuit of excellence.
For MFDesign, the pursuit of excellence begins with the selection of raw materials: our new woods come from controlled deforestation and enjoy this certification to protect the environment.
The product excellence is also appreciated thanks to the significant thicknesses of the noble wood part which increases the product value and makes its radical regeneration over time feasible.
New wood floors can be supplied in fixed or variable dimensions in both length (up to 5000mm) and width (up to 400mm).

The sustainability of new wood begins with the selection of origin

The sustainability of a
new wood begins
from the selection
of provenance
and continues in the selection
of the best cut
for optimal yield
and long-lasting performance.

Spruce, maple, hornbeam, chestnut, cherry, doussié, larch, mahogany, national walnut, American walnut, elm, pear, sycamore, oak, teak, wenge and zebrawood: these are the species predominantly used by MFDesign which, with surface processing (hand planing, brushing, saw cutting, Elite and Class processing), possible finishes (waxes or oils) and color choices, can take on different guises and meet the customer's desire.
Our new wood floors are characterized by a single three-ply plank structure, with four tapped and slightly chamfered sides, with female/female or male/female interlocking; widths and lengths can be mixed and thicknesses are 15 mm, 20 mm or greater according to construction needs, the noble board has a minimum thickness of 4 mm, and the counterbalance is made of double cross-fiber fir. Each board is subjected to HP vacuum woodworm treatment in a drying room at 80°C.


The reasons for choosing

We encourage an inspirational dialogue with the design world by communicating our vision: zero waste and complete circularity of the manufacturing processes. Discover our creations exclusively now.


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