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The value of old wood, keeper of the memory of those steps that had lived it over the time:
vigorous steps of those who worked, the minute ones of those who grew, the light ones of those who loved, the uncertain ones of those who got old.

Our antique wood floors are characterized by a single three-ply plank structure, with four tapped and slightly chamfered sides, with female/female interlocking; widths and lengths are mixed and thicknesses are 15 mm or 20 mm, the noble board has a minimum thickness of 4 mm, and the counterbalance is made of double cross-fiber fir. Each board is subjected to HP vacuum woodworm treatment in a drying room at 80°C.

Choosing MFDesign means coming into contact with unique products

MFDesign means
getting in touch
with unique
and original products,
whose certified authenticity
is recovered
by skilled hands.

Spruce, acacia, larch, walnut, elm, poplar, oak and teak: these are the species predominantly used by MFDesign, which, with surface processing (hand planing, brushing, saw cutting, Elite and Class processing), possible finishes (waxes or oils) and color choices, can take on different guises and meet the customer's desire.
Antique wood, with its grains, colors and unique characteristics, is able to evoke memories and stir emotions as only authentic, quality things can. From mountain valleys to rural settlements, from dwellings to barns and farmsteads, from piers to boat bridges, from Venice briccole to wine barrels: this is where our journey of reclaiming the early splendor of antique wood begins.


The reasons for choosing

We encourage an inspirational dialogue with the design world by communicating our vision: zero waste and complete circularity of the manufacturing processes. Discover our creations exclusively now.


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