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Once upon a time.
The stories of our woods truly begin this way.

Searching for and rediscovering ancient noble woods, accurately selecting new woods from certified forests mainly, through fascinating tales of rebirth to a new beauty.

In the beginning there is the wood, a never-dying generous material which transforms and revives and whose soul we know well. We know how to listen to its voice, enhance its personality, ennoble its grain and indulge its tones.
What is a flaw to others is a virtue to us; we never throw away a knot.
Knots are a representation of the tree's struggle for life; they depict the tree's effort to grow. Just like human scars, they tell a story of sacrifice and healing. Each one has a unique personality and deserves a chance to be appreciated as art.

Knowing how to interpret the soul of wood is our vocation

Knowing how to interpret
the soul of wood
is something
that we know how to
do well,
we have always been doing it
it is our vocation

It takes time: our family works respecting of old-fashioned values by devoting as much time as necessary to each new project. From the research of the finest recovered material, to the boards estimation, passing through meticulous manual cleaning and restoration, to stabilization, cataloging and finishing with natural waxes and oils, we take all the time necessary to give you a creation at the highest attainable level.
Only then does every imperfection become a value, every groove a story to tell, every grain a nuance of uniqueness.

Don't call us carpenters because we are not.
As in the grooves of wood in the grooves of our hands we have written a destiny,we have been keepers, masters, mountain people, wood artists for generations.

Our natural inheritance is the talent to develop precise restoration techniques for the reuse of historic woods from old castles, abandoned farms, the Venetian sea or ancient convents. Careful and respectful restoration that gives new life to woods that would otherwise have been destined for oblivion.

Wood philosophy MFDesign
MFDesign floors

Every single piece is recovered and restored to its former beauty, each board becomes an master copy destined to tell your new story.

Our working method has developed a unique knowledge in us, passed on to old and new wood. Our hands work what each board desires to be, what thoughts have already depicted. Over the years we have specialized in satisfying the most special requests thanks to our ability to carefully select raw material and propose more local and sustainable alternatives to market trends. We process old and new wood that is PFC, PEFC and FCS certified. In addition, we offer a product that make buildings fall under LEED certification, and since 2022 we have got Vegan certification to testify to the absence of animal-based products on our works.

A philosophy of environmental and collective sustainability to keep making artifacts that are the true union between man and nature while respecting the entire ecosystem: this is our idea of the future.

Time, enthusiasm, passion and unique skills. These are the necessary values embedded in each and every creation; if our wood could speak it would tell you a story of respect and authentic values.

Once upon a time, and there will be again.
At MFDesign we rewrite new stories of value.

Wood craftsmen


The reasons for choosing

We encourage an inspirational dialogue with the design world by communicating our vision: zero waste and complete circularity of the manufacturing processes. Discover our creations exclusively now.


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